Baby James

Baby photography is challenging--they are largely reactive, cannot be reasoned with, and have a limited window in which they will be photographable. But the results can be so wonderful.

Photography/Poetry Project Collection

In a partnership with Michael J. Riser, I'll take a photo for which he'll write a poem and then he'll write a poem for which I'll take a photo. We'll take turns initiating the piece.

Horton Road Organics

Horton Road Organics is an educational and sustainable organic farm in the Siuslaw watershed 35 miles northwest of Eugene, Oregon. Apprentices live on-site and get their hands dirty while learning organic planting, growing, and cultivation techniques. The farm also sells goods at local farmers' markets and through a CSA (community supported agriculture) program.


Laurel was funny and open to the experience--and had models of Kermit and Gonzo she wanted to include in the shoot. The Davis, California woods made the perfect backdrop for a whimsical shoot.


Ashley Baer's self portraits. All are shot with flash. Experimenting with props, composition, lighting, and looks.

Tanya Burka

Tanya Burka abandoned her dreams of working for NASA to explore the lighter side of hanging out in space as a professional aerialist and instructor. Shot for the 2008 edition of the University of Oregon's award-winning student-produced Flux Magazine.

Sarah and Baby-to-be

With a maternity shoot in the Napa Valley, Sarah celebrated the baby-to-be with her husband and son in 2015.


Ashley Baer's portfolio of portrait photography. Includes work from her time at the University of Oregon, The Auburn Journal, and The Roseville Press-Tribune as well as images from private sessions.

Danielle Baker

A photo story following Danielle Baker and her performance in the University of Oregon's LGBTQA's annual drag show. Published in the student-produced Oregon Voice in 2007.

Cityscapes & Objects

Ashley Baer's portfolio of cityscapes and objects. Includes photos featuring San Francisco, Seattle, and Paris.

General Sports

Ashley Baer's sports portfolio, featuring shots of snowboarders, dancers, and footballers.

Rebekah Calvert

After giving birth to her son in high school, Rebekah Calvert, a promising high school basketball star, revived her career at William Jessup University with the help of her family, teammates, and coaches.