As a trained photojournalist, I have found portraiture to be both the most rewarding and most challenging aspect of photographing people.

Candid portraiture is what I love. Finding the story in movement and being able to capture it in a moment is what I was trained to do, and what I enjoy the most. While most people are uncomfortable in front of a camera, if you follow them around with a camera in hand while they’re simply doing whatever they want, they eventually forget about you, and that’s when the truly magical moments happen.

Traditional portraiture, on the other hand, has always been difficult for me. I was never trained on how to direct people into looking their best, and I rarely practiced it. I have always struggled with making that obviously relationship between photographer and subject feel organic, and it’s hard to make my subjects feel at ease when I clearly don’t.

I have more opportunities for traditional portraiture than candid these days, so I am pushing myself to find an ease and organic energy in these sessions.