With a focus on photojournalism in school, I had the opportunity to take courses that incorporated other visual media, so I learned a little about video editing, audio, and the integration of multiple media into single projects. I made videos for classes, for the newspapers I worked with, and for the students I taught. They ranged from the informational to educational to just outright silly. Some are video-only, others are slideshows, and most are a combination of still and moving images.

Just like with photography, my video shooting and editing skills are a continuous work-in-progress. I can look back at my work and recognize where youth and inexperience played a big role in the final product in terms of editing and even storytelling. Sometimes it’s a lack of professional cameras that bring me down; other times, it’s a lack of cohesion. And sometimes…it all comes together. From the failures to the success to the plain ‘ol mediocre, I enjoy the process and hope I learn from it.

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