Videos from 2006-2018

University of Oregon Videos

This was the final project for the Creativity and Content course at University of Oregon (Fall, 2007). I don’t remember the details of the course or the project, but I do remember being intimidated by the instructor–who had been lured from a top school in the South and was well-respected–and my talented classmates. I had fun making the video, which starred my college boyfriend.

As part of my photos for a story on The Velveteria in Portland OR for the student-produced magazine FLUX, I created a slideshow of the pieces in the museum with an interview with the owner.

I also created a fun How-To for creating your own velvet art at home. This tongue-in-cheek video was probably the most fun to make, especially since I was able to get my roommates in on the action.

As a photographer for FLUX, I also had the pleasure of photographing Tanya Burka, a performer with and teacher for the Pendulum Flyers. I created a slideshow of those photos for the FLUX website.

Gold Country Media Videos

Classroom Videos

As part of a Project-Based Learning (PBL) school for four years, I had to make “entry documents” for units that were supposed to give some context and information about the upcoming projects, but not everything so that students had to not only identify what they did know about the project but also what they would need to know about the project to complete it successfully. Many of the entry documents were written, but sometimes I made videos instead to break up the routine and create context and interest in more engaging ways.

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