The Photography/Poetry Project: Connection Across Boundaries

Here I am–the self-avowed never-ever-will-I-do-a-long-distance-relationship-again person–mentally preparing myself for my boyfriend of not-quite-a-year and now housemate to leave for Japan for 11 months.

I didn’t plan on falling in love with someone planning to leave the country within a year of us meeting, and he definitely didn’t plan on falling into a serious relationship knowing that he was leaving for Japan, but these things can’t be helped, can they?

2018-07-19_Amy Wedding 1
Two people in deep, deep denial about the upcoming year.

Knowing that we were going to have to find ways to make the next 11 months more bearable, I proposed a project that would both keep us connected and reinvigorate our creativity. My boyfriend, Michael Riser, is a wonderful writer and poet, but just like I have fallen out of the photography habit, so has he fallen out of the writing habit. I thought it would be fun to partner up for what I’m calling the Photography/Poetry Project, or P³ for short (or something even better if I think of it).

How the project will work is that I’ll take a photograph, and then Michael will write a poem inspired by my picture. Then he’ll write a poem, and I’ll take a photo in return. He’s so excited that I think he’ll be ready to post his first poem in the next day or two!

I’m excited for a project to keep me connected to him while he’s away that will also keep me busy as I stay behind. I can’t wait to read his first poem!

Ever done a partner project like this before? Have a better suggestion for the name? Want to propose a theme for one of my photographs? Comment below!

7 thoughts on “The Photography/Poetry Project: Connection Across Boundaries

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