My Trips with Mitz: Saturday Morning on Lake Oroville

With Michael gone for the next year, I have the responsibility for his dog, Mitzi. She's a great dog, but a little unsocialized, so I've made it my goal to take her with me to as many places as possible to help develop her into the Good Girl I know she is. I'll occasionally be …

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Crafting Strong CTAs: Three Key Features of a Successful Call to Action

There’s no right way to craft a CTA; you really have to know what your company wants from customers on the different paths of the conversion funnel and craft copy that integrates the right tone and voice. But by building a base that uses strong verbs, highlights the benefits, and emphasizes the low risk, you’ll have a give yourself the best opportunity to successfully engage consumers.

Imitation as Inspiration: Improving Your Technical Skills and Artistic Style by Copying Others

If you don’t have the means to take actual classes, copying others is a great way to teach yourself new skills without thinking much about it. When you are trying to replicate another’s work, you have no choice but to pay attention to the technical details, like composition, lighting, shading, or depth of field. By using imitation as inspiration, you can improve your technical skills and artistic style by copying others (at least for a little while)

A multiple exposure photograph of a bed in the foreground and a woman tangled in the sheets in various states.

Photography/Poetry Project #1: “Evening Sunshine”

I am in deep denial about Michael leaving for Japan in 19 days. Michael seems to be dealing with his feelings at least a little more directly in his first poem for the Photography/Poetry Project: she kicks, legs out on imagined grass grown over cotton water. we wash up on the duvet, pursed and pillowy …

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