Photography/Poetry Project #2: I’ll Be With You [Photo only]

With under two weeks to go until Michael leaves, I am simultaneously in deep denial about and utterly obsessed with his impending departure. I keep a countdown on our changeable letter board, and yet it still doesn’t feel as if he’s going to be gone for almost a year.

There’s a lot of thoughts and fears swirling in my mind when I let myself think about our situation: questions about our emotional connection, him meeting other people, communicating across 16 time zones, and whether I’ll be able to visit him while he’s there.

However, under all those fears is a certainty that we’ll be ok. With anyone else, I don’t know if I would even try to make this work, but with Michael, I feel so secure. His being gone will be hard, but I’ll be here for him when he returns, and I hope he knows that I’ll be with him the whole time.

I wanted to use a double exposure technique to get this across for the next Photography/Poetry Project entry. I watched multiple videos and read several tutorials, but I found this one to be the clearest and easiest to follow along. I’ll definitely be working with this technique again in the future for a more complex composition, but I’m pleased with how my first try turned out.

A black and white double-exposure photography of a man and a woman
No matter the distance, we’ll be together the whole time.

I’ll update the post after Michael writes his corresponding poem. 

What’s your favorite double-exposure technique? Have any tips for surviving a long-distance relationship? Comment below!

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