My Trips with Mitz: Lower Bidwell Park

2018-09-19_Lower Bidwell Park 4

Ok, Mitz, let’s do this.

No, ignore the dog,

And that one.

Seriously? That one, too.

Why are there so many dogs here this morning? You cannot appropriately handle other dogs yet.

Sorry, passersby, I promise my dog won’t attack you or your dog…she just acts like she will.

Dog, can you just chill for a second? No? Great. Let’s just follow the dirt path some more and try to avoid other walkers.

Stop eating that leaf. And that one. Oh my god, that one, too.

Look how pretty it is here. So many trees lining the creek…

…oh, you’re chewing on a bush again? Okay.

How about you just sniff it instead? No, don’t roll around in the dirt!…fine. Roll around in the dirt.

DIrt and dust everywhere…I look like I haven’t bathed in a month. Ouch! A bee sting? Why?!

Stupid nature.

[Looks at happy Mitzi]

Yeah, we’ll be back again.

2018-09-19_Lower Bidwell Park 1

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